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Our E Rickshaw

Our E Rickshaw are strong and robust vehicle built for passenger comfort. It has been crafted with a fine combination of metal and fiber glass. It can also be driven with an open frame. It is battery operated, so not only is it cost effective but it is also eco friendly.

This 3 wheeler battery operated vehicle is a definite improvement over its fuel variants; its battery powered efficiency and zero emission helps to keep nature pollution free. With the introduction of new materials such as fiberglass used to build them, these vehicles are now giving durability and strength. The E rickshaw is considered a good source of income because of its remarkable energy efficiency, low maintenance and its capacity to carry heavy loads.

The electric rickshaw has been built with a light body so that the battery life may be increased. The chief elements of this vehicle that drives it are its motor, controller, harness, the life giving batteries and its full throttle. These components have to be perfectly matched to maximize the performance of the vehicle. When all the electric components of our vehicle are of high quality it enhances the performance of the motor and takes care of any overheating issues.

Our E Rickshaw has been designed to provide efficiency, improved battery life, pollution free service, cost effectiveness and for contribution to resourceful income that will make rich dividends over a period of time.

With a wealth of experience in electric vehicles and fiberglass technology, backed by professional expertise and a strong client base, the home-grown Electric Vehicle maker Soni Vehicle E-Rickshaw has been able to carve a niche for itself by meeting customer requirements and is now aiming to break into the top three in the field in the country. Founded in 2013, the company has emerged one of the fastest growing dealers, suppliers,manufacturers of e-rickshaws and other electric vehicles built with high-grade automobile and fiberglass technology.

Soni E-Rickshaw or E-Loader do not have any major mechanical moving components (engine, gear box, etc.), service support requirements is much lesser than the conventional petrol vehicle. However, we are committed to provide prompt after-sales service and genuine spares for your Soni E-Rickshaw or E-Loader through our dealer network.